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A Letter From History

by St. Augustine Distillery

This is an excerpt from the St Augustine council ledgers dated September 18, 1901 (punctuation and spelling updated).

In a letter to Council , the Ice Works petitions to pave (shell) Barnard St.

You are no doubt aware that for the past 15 years (taking St. Augustine Ice Works back to 1886) the different owners of the St Augustine Ice Works have kept and repaired at their own expense Barnard St from San Marco to the Railway, a distance of about 1400 feet. About three years ago we took up the old Plank Road and replaced it with broken brick at an expense of $100. Since then we have been constantly repairing the same and it is now in a very poor condition. We are very desirous of shelling this road and, if done now, it will be done much cheaper than it can possibly be done later on. If we can get permission so to do we will commence at once using shell we have on option at the Oyster Factory. Will you kindly take this in consideration and agree that the City will stand its proportion of the expenses. An estimate on shelling to the best of our knowledge would be, that if curbing is used on one side, about $400 and without the curbing, would be about $350. We would be glad to have this referred to your Street and Lane Committee and let them direct us as to how the work should be done.

Yours Truly
St. Aug. Ice Works.

This report was referred to the Street and Lane Committee to investigate, and, if the number agreed, to commit to the work.