Craft Spirits Made From Fresh Florida Crops

Our handcrafted spirits are made according to the pioneer tradition of American distilling. We hand cut and mill our fresh ingredients and distill them in small batch copper pot stills for fuller and rounder flavors. Most distilleries produce more liquor in a single day than our batch distilling method can in a full year, but for us it isn't about drinking more; it's about drinking better.


Florida Pot Still Gin

Our new world gin will have just enough juniper to support fresh citrus notes while balancing the floral character. Hand-grinding whole, fresh herbs with our hand burr mill preserves the freshness and vibrancy of the botanicals in this classic spirit.


Florida Cane Vodka

This straight vodka is pot distilled from 100% Florida-farmed sugar cane. Our distiller makes cuts by hand, ensuring only the best quality spirit goes in each bottle of this super premium small batch Florida Cane Vodka. Our distillation process creates a neutral spirit free from impurities, producing an incredibly smooth vodka with a hint of molasses.


Florida’s Only Small Batch Bourbon

We have already barreled Florida’s first small batch bourbon and it is currently aging at the distillery. We look forward to tasting it when it is ready in 2018. Join the St. Augustine Spirits Society to make sure you are here when we pour the first glass!



Crafted from a blend of heritage sugar canes specially cultivated for our products, these spirits will have an approachable finesse and enough character to remain distinct when blended in a cocktail. Join the St. Augustine Spirit Society to be the first to taste this spirit.