Purchase a Bottle of Our Craft Spirits


Purchase Our Spirits

To purchase a bottle of St. Augustine Cane Vodka online, click the button above. You can also visit the distillery to buy a bottle from us directly. One of our first challenges with distilling in Florida was understanding the state’s strict laws about how liquor can be distributed and sold to customers. We had to learn a lot, not just about craft distilling, but also about the intricate rules involved with selling spirits. After a long and involved process, we helped change the law in our state so that you can purchase a bottle directly from us at the distillery.

Even if you can’t make it to the distillery, we are trying to get our spirits to you, we swear. We are currently working with our distributor partner, Premiere Beverage, to help us get our product on the shelves where you live.

But we could use a little help.

If enough people ask their local retailer for a particular product (take ours for example), they will call their distributor and ask them to deliver a few cases. We suggest you leave your name and number with your local retail liquor store and ask them to call you when it comes in. Trust us, they want to sell you product and will call you when it comes in.

We push… You Pull… Everybody wins.

Package Stores Carrying Our Product